Fridaynight in 2005 on a Party, Dennis Schewzig (Born`79) meets Alexander Bullach (Born`85).
Both are very interested in Producing Music.
They talked to each other and exchanged their ideas about Music.

After they collect their first experiences with Harder Dance Music, they started a project called:


The Mindshockers are born.

After one year the first remixes appeared. They were booked with famous DJ’s.
At first the Mindshockers Play`s there Music on Small Party´s and later on Major Events such as
“HardGenerationRave” @ Hamburg Habour Nice Party and first Contact to  Isaac & The Viper.

13.07.2007 the two owns the 2nd Place at the Airbeat One Festival (Germany) Anthem Contest

(Grandious gift for Dennis on his Birthday) They Meet a lot of Famous Artist´s like Dana, Pavo, Technoboy, Alpha², Lady Tom, Tatanka, Waveliner.... they was more infected - Inspired as before of the Harder Dance Tunes

The list fill up with more Artists, they Play´s with lot of other International Artist´s:

Brian M vs. Mc Bunn, A*S*Y*S*, Max B Grant, Pradera, Twillight Forces, Jimmy the Sound (2BoH) … and much more 

The latest News: @Q-Base Contest there ownd one of the Top.5 with there Q-Base Anthem "Lock´n´Loud" Crowned by Q-Dance.

They want to follow up their Music with Such Love and with the Aim to become more Famous by Fans.
They Slogan is everywhere :

Keep it Hard, Keep it Raw

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